When Google Will Penalise Guest Blog Posting?

I know this is an odd question for guest blog posting industry but still I will like to discuss on this.

Guest blogging is on rise like link building in earlier days. Before Google penguin 1.0 there was great work for link building in SEO industry but penguin washed the whole link building Industry (Low Quality Work). After that all SEOs consider guest blogging links to organic will pass good value to your website.

Matt Cutts also endorsed about guest blog posting

“It’s a long and time honored tradition” for writers with expertise in certain topics to share content with each other. In other words, it’s absolutely acceptable.  More

I agree with Matt Cutts sharing your thought in your niche community with the intention to widespread your views is not bad and 100% organic. But what is happening in blogging industry is quite opposite.

Guest blog posts and exchanged, bought ( Links buying) and in multiple theme blog with scrape or re-written content with the intention of getting just one backlinks. Link networks are selling blog post just for $5

I am of the opinion Google will soon find such blog owners are will penalise. So before buying a blog post be careful and rely on organic guest blog posting agency.