5 Tips for Healthy lifestyle in 2018

Let’s start this January with making a goal and start working towards it with more positive approach. Why is that we always make new year resolutions and again by the time we get to the end of the year it becomes again the same resolution for new year. In today’s post we will be discussing 5 habits which will lead us to more healthier lifestyle and help us to reach our goals much more effectively.

Eat Heathy

This year make sure you complete the first step of eating healthy with complete dedication. Let’s start our day with healthy breakfast with good source of protein, fibre and vitamins. Make sure to include foods like salmon, avocado, eggs, nuts, beans, fruits and veggies. This will not only fill you up for the day but will also keep you energetic. Food is really important part of our daily routine and make sure you know what you eating and how it will effect our lifestyle.

Wear Your Own Comfort

This year try and make yourself more happy with what you like. I know we do have to keep up with fashion trends and all but nothing should be above you

Try and wear your favourite comfy clothes weather you going to work or going to see a friend. Plan to dress up in comfy outfit which will not only be comfortable but also will keep you happy inside. Trainers give me most comfort and trust me I try and pair up with my favourite outfits. What is yours ?

Daily Fitness

Every individual is different and some people don’t like gym, like me off course but hey ! There is a lot you and do without even going to gym. Go for brisk walks, take interval training in parks, do some yoga.

This all can be done but make sure you measure. Try and download an app in your phone and track how many miles you walk a week, this will help you to motivate yourself.

Make Sure to Travel Often

I know we all are busy and have a life which more like a daily routine, but take a chance to travel. This will not only help you to build your motivation but will also be a good change. Try and plan a quick trip to somewhere which is different to your current place. Maybe a beach or if you stay by the coast then mountains will be a good option.

Travel more, there’s lots to see.

Invest Time in Yourself

Try and make some time for yourself. Stop yourself from very single things and spend the weekend the way you want. Relax, travel, sleep or just eat. This will make you happy and relaxed. Staying away from your daily routine gives you change and peace within your mind.

This year make time for yourself. It has to be about you