5 Reasons Istanbul should be your next Holiday

Istanbul, one of the famous cities in Turkey and having a major population across Europe is widely famous among its tourists and locals. With expanding its one side of the city in Europe and other in Asia, Istanbul is divided between architecture, art, Night clubs, and amazing Food Places. There is something or the other for everyone in the city, so let’s check out the most amazing 5 things which you only find in Istanbul.

Food Lovers

Food lovers find Istanbul as paradise, from its street food to the best fine dining with a view, Istanbul’s got everything. When in Istanbul don’t forget to check out the best local food which you only get in the city. The famous Kunefe from Hafiz Mustafa is a must-try.

Istanbul ranks number one to the famous Turkish Tea. Tea is a very common trend with locals and you will probably get this in any cafe or restaurant in the city. My favorite was in one of the local cafes in Sultanahmet, the old part of the city, where they serve complimentary Lokhum( the traditional sweet) along with tea. Next will be the Menemen.

The local egg dish should be tried in the morning and prepared in most of the cafes in Istanbul. Why not try with some local simit, the bread of the city which is well flavored with sesame seeds, just perfect for any morning. The fish sandwich, another famous on the go food normally found near the Galata bridge is famous among tourists and local because of its fresh fish which is being delivered to cafes in the morning.

Let’s talk a little about dessert. Pistachio Baklava and Lokhum is my favorite along with Turkish coffee. Trust me you will never forget the taste of this combo ever in life.

Shopping Addict

Hello to everyone who is a shopping addict. Istanbul has everything for everyone. For someone who loves jewelry, Istanbul has some amazing stone jewelry and silver jewelry collection. The famous evil eye sign is easy to find in the form of jewelry in The Grand Bazaar area of Istanbul. From beautiful pendants to rings and everything you can imagine can be found in this city.

Grand Bazaar is also famous for carpets and blue crockery. One should definitely get those beautiful blue colored Turkish cups for tea. Turkey is a prime source of making handmade carpets
ithin the country, they can be found in different shapes and sizes, with different colors, patterns, and prints. Istanbul also has some amazing Turkish lamps in different colors and can be found at a good price, as bargaining can be done at a huge level in these local bazaars.

Culture and history

Turkey being a Muslim country has its impact on culture and architecture around the cities. Istanbul being a massive city has both sides to it. Sultanahmet, the old part of the city is famous for tourist spots like Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Grand Bazaar, and a huge number of mosques. This part of the city portrays the era where the kings use to rule and everything has a history. There could be few places where you would need to dress modestly and respect the country’s culture and religion. Whereas the Taksim area of the city on the European side has a different vibe to Sultanahmet which is also on the European side. There is a lot do from shopping to trying out fine dining, 5-star hotels, and eating places in Taksim. City history can be felt from its old heritage buildings like dolbache palace, Topkapi Palace, and harems.

Night Out

Every city has a different vibe to it in Night and so does Istanbul. Istanbul has a pretty vibrant nightlife and has so much to do for everyone. Almost every area in Istanbul has some of the other places which would be open late at night. One can enjoy late-night food or desserts. Shisha is pretty common in Istanbul and can be found at some amazing locations by Bosphorus. There are quite a lot of restaurants famous for its fine dining with a view of Blue Mosque or Hagia Sophia. Almost every luxury hotel in Istanbul has its own bar and lounge for late-night enjoyment and some even do live musical nights. This was just convenient and was in our hotel, Intercontinental Istanbul, and has some of the best night and day views.


Like some relaxed Beach holidays, Istanbul can be compared to one in a city version of it. Istanbul has some amazing spas and Hamam. Hamam as we know is the best way to relax and is very famous in Turkey. It the dome-shaped building in most of the historical ones and has a history of more than 500 years old. One can have a pamper session in hamam and add some personalized massage too.

Another version of city relaxation is the Bosphorus cruises which are operated every night on the Bosphorus. One can enjoy the amazing view of the city and enjoy the night with local dinner and drink.

Istanbul has much more than this post and you need to go out there and see what can be done and enjoyed in this beautiful city of architecture and history.