Exploring Riverside Pubs At Wapping, London

From its riverside area and its intriguing history, Wapping is a standout amongst London’s best-kept privileged insights. When dockland was considered as back areas of London with cobbled lanes gets a makeover with new warehouse converted bars and popular restaurants.

I decided to explore the best of wapping by trying out some famous bars and restaurants. The first one and the best one I like was The prospect of Whitby. Constructed in 1520 this is known to be one of the oldest riverside pubs in London. A beautiful Ord Vintage bar just at the starting of wapping Docks by the River Thames. The pub has been host to Charles Dickens and many famous personalities. The bar is spread over  3 floors and is decorated with vintage pictures and history. It is a must try for the people who love Pub Food.

I also explored another Pub famously known as The Captain Kidd. This is another famous Pub in Wapping and is just by the walking distance from The Prospect of Whitby. This pub was constructed in 1980 and was famous for the name of Captain William Kidd who was executed by the near docks.

The other things to do during the nighttime is the Photography. The streets have some amazing centric lighting which provides you with best night time pictures. The area is pretty old and has some really old walls and architecture. It’s a must for the people who still want to feel the original old Britain.