Weekend in Amsterdam : 5 Things You Must Do

Amsterdam is a famous city among young professionals, families, and backpackers. Here are 5  basic but most important things which I did on my weekend trip to Amsterdam.

You surely cannot miss any of these.

Amsterdam Canals

As soon as you reach the city, you will see canals everywhere, sometimes just on the front side of your hotel or the backside. As I stayed in the Pulitzer Hotel, the canal was on the front and the backside both, a good choice. But if you are staying a bit further or near Dam Square you have to walk around the area where you will see more canals and residential blocks. This is the true feeling of Amsterdam. During my exploration, I found a really famous chocolate shop called Polabbery, check them out.

Pancakes of Amsterdam

You will find so many places where they will serve pancakes and trust me they are the best. there are some famous places but every place serving pancake in Amsterdam is good. They also have savory options so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

De Wallen, Red Light District of Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s famous Red Light district is called De Wallen. It is famous because it’s legal in Amsterdam, so you don’t have to worry when you go there and explore the area with feeling unsafe. They are not only famous for one reason but also for the culture, architecture, fun bars, and museums. If you have an interest in looking at the backstage life of prostitutes, one should visit the Prostitue Museum in De Wallen, this will clear up your thoughts on how the industry in De Wallen uses to work in the past.

Boat Ride on the Canals of Amsterdam

There are many individual private companies that run bat tours across a different side of canals. One can easily access any tour at any time of the day, but make sure to double-check timings as they are different for summer and winter. Most of the boast also provide you with audio guides and refreshments in the boat. I used Viator.com for booking my tour.

Cycling in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for being a bike-friendly. In any case, however individuals outside of the Netherlands believe Amsterdam to be one of the most well known and significant focuses of bike culture around the world, the city itself is really not at the top as far as bicycle amicability contrasted with numerous littler Dutch urban communities.
If you are in Amsterdam you have to try this once. I was lucky and rented a bike from my hotel, Pulitzer itself.