Quarantine Food Highlights : Homemade and Healthy

Lockdown wasn’t supposed to be easy for anyone of us, but I am sure all of us found out some or the other therapeutic activity to change our mood and lifestyle. For me it was so many things except my work including walks, cooking cleaning, and working on my blog again.

The new change to my daily routine emphasized a lot on my daily cooking and new dinner recipes. This completely changed my mind and took it off from what was happening outside my window. I can now happily call myself a better cook if not great. I tried all the recipes which I use to crave at some point and would travel miles to just eat some of them.

Today I am sharing some of the Highlights Dishes I made in quarantine, they are all prepared at home with minimal or some key ingredients and most of them are really healthy.

Vegetable Momo or Dumpling

Strawberry Oat Smoothie

Tofu Salad

Vanilla Oat Latte

Spinach Ravioli in tomato sauce

Paneer Dum Biryani