Homemade Shampoo Bar – Cruelty Free and Organic Solution For Your Hair Care

I am so excited about this, I finally made my own shampoo bar.

I have always been addicted to shampoo bars from my favourite brand, Lush and every time I would buy, it always made me think how are these made and only if I could make one myself with all my favourite and Natural Ingredients. Then, I decided why not! and today I would like to share my own recipe for my personal hair care.


  • Goats Milk 
  • Rosemary Leaves
  • Castor Oil  –  1tbl
  • Coconut Oil  – 3tbl
  • Lavender Oil – 3 TBL
  • Biotin Tablets  – 4tablets
  • Onion Juice
  • Lemon peels
  • Green Tea – 1 Sachet
  • Fresh lavender
  • Fenugreek Seeds


  • Hot Pan
  • Soap Moulds


  • Step 1

Cut a piece of Goats Milk from the main solid cake and Boil that in the pan. (Measurements can be as per your need and number of shampoo bars you looking to make)

  • Step 2

Add Your favourite Ingredients one by one. Starting from, Rosemary leaves, Crushed Fenugreek Seeds, Castor Oil, Lavender Oil, Crushed Biotin Tablets, Lemon Juice

  • Step 3

Make some Onion Juice in the different pan and add to the mixture. ( Boil fresh-cut onions with coconut oil for few minutes and then, strain the oil)

  • Step 4

Once the mixture is of a thick liquid consistency, add straightway to the soap mould

  • Step 5

Use lemon peels to Decorate, along with some fresh lavender and Green tea.

  • Step 6

Let the mould stay untouched overnight, and use them in the morning to wash your hair.

All Ingredients can be changed as per your hair texture.

The homemade shampoo bars don’t produce much of lather but are good for your hair. This was my first shampoo bar and I am sure I would be exploring more ingredients and how I can create specific bars for different hair needs.