Best Homemade Hand Cream – Just With 2 Ingredients

Who else is tired of using sanitizers and drying hands?

I was surely not happy with my dry, flaky hands, and on the top, I couldn’t even complain as we all know how important it is to be using sanitizers in the current situation. This is when I got the idea of making my own Hand cream at home, which is nourishing and organic.

I generally use hand creams (different brands) a lot but, using a normal hand cream once in a while is different from using once every hour. So, I started with applying coconut oil most of the time on my hands as it provided me good hydration but often lead to greasy hands.

Then I did my research and got the idea of making my own hand cream. I wanted to keep it simple and be sure of the products I use in my cream. The purpose was to create something thick in texture and full of fragrance.

Ingredients for  Making Vanilla Hand Cream

  • Vanilla Oil
  • Shea butter
  • Tin or Jar to store

Process of Making Vanilla Hand Cream

Step 1 Use a good quality Shea butter, which is organic and cruelty-free. I ordered mine from amazon 

Step 2 Take 2 spoons of shea butter in a bowl and double boil the product. ( If you don’t have a specific double boiling machine don’t worry, boil water in a pan and place the bowl on the top of the pan where the base of the bowl touches water. Make sure not to dip bowl fully in water.)

Step 3 Add Vanilla or any essential oil of your choice.

Step 4 Once the shea butter is melted and is in the form liquid, remove the bowl from the water and pour it in tin or jar of your choice. I got mine from here.

Step 5 Place the jar in the fridge for 60 minutes.

Step 6 Take out the Tin and keep in normal temperature and is ready to use.

Note: Please make sure you don’t leave the tin in direct sunlight as shea butter can melt in the heat.

I am using this cream for my hands, lips, and sometimes face as well. Please give it a try and let me know if you liked it!