Hiking the Snowdon Summit, Wales

Climbed the Second highest peak in Britain, Snowdon Summit, 1085m


Some things are only for your mind and soul.

The journey began with driving to Wales and exploring the little town of Llanberis. A small Snowdon railway town is famous for its train taking passengers up to the summit. We began the journey at morning 8 AM by hiking for 6 hours straight up and down and finished our hike at 2 PM.

Before the wanderlust trend came in on social, before it was a trend to call mountain your happy place, I had fallen for it at a young age. Those who know me know how much I love mountains. I did my last mountain hike twelve years ago in India, chandrakhani pass ( 13000ft), and then forgot it!

Well, I guess that’s where we all get lost; we forget what makes our soul happy and start believing in things that temporarily comfort us. Well, I am so glad that though it took me years to get to it again, I could finally do a summit today. Make some time for yourself, and do what you love.


Also, this is me here, Celebrating my journey with Megrisoft here, with the hope of taking megrisoft to greater heights.