A Day In Paris

What a beautiful City, Paris.

Today I am sharing my One day in pairs journey and what I did. I started my Journey from London which so many people do quite often, knowing that the distance is so close and can be reached here within few hours literarily by any mode of transport. Train, Bus, Car or flight.

I started my journey by taking the flight from London Southend which is easily accessible from central London through a train from Stratford. My flight was pretty small and only for 1 hour. Reached Paris later that evening so just spent the evening in the local area, try some wine and cheese.

The next morning, I started my day by getting up early and having the best Coffee and fresh Croissant from the bakery. I decided to explore the city by train in one day, so I took the rail pass which is valid on any train and can be used throughout Paris. My first stop was Arc De Triomphe.

Beautiful Architecture and broad lane s near the monument, make it very special for tourists and you will see a lot of guided tours and tourists with selfie sticks, well I had one too. Very close to the monument just in the broad lanes called champs Elysees you will find some of the High-end brands of France.

Second, on My list was Muse de Louvre. Just a tip, Make sure you visit the monument in early morning hours to avoid the queue. This is beautiful and the world’s largest museum for art and history. It is also the central landmark of the city and located in the right bank of river Seine. Just within walking distance from the monument, you will some amazing book shops and boutique stores to shop and who doesn’t like shopping after a dose of history.

Last was the Eiffel Tower, which I decided to visit in the end, typically because I wanted to spend most of my time here. Eiffel is a beauty in its own, but the surrounding, the view from top and bottom is both very interesting.

Queues are generally very long for Eiffel and can take up to 1 hour of waiting, so make sure you are prepared for that as Eiffel Tower is the most visited tourist landmark in the world.

After visiting the tower, you can have some relaxing time just in the park opposite the Tower after crossing the Bridge. This beautiful spot is generally crowded with a lot of people trying to get pictures with, Eiffel. I did too.

When in Paris, Make sure you try and buy theses famous essentials as souvenirs. Try some Cheese, Wine, Macron, Crepes, and Champagne, and don’t forget to Buy a Book, Perfume, a Scarf, and a postcard.

If you know anything more, let me know for my next visit.