5 Must Do When You Enter Your House: Hygiene Tips

With so much going around we should be happy and thankful that we are safe and can be with our loved ones. To make sure we are practicing proper hygiene four ourselves and keeping our family safe, let’s talk about 5 must you need to do when you enter your house after going out during quarantine period or in general days.

Leave Your Shoes Out

Let us practice this habit in our everyday routine. Try and keep your dirty shoes outside your main door to not let any germs or dirt come inside your house. If you don’t have the area to keep it outside your house and worried about theft, make a new dedicated area for your shoes just near the entrance. Use high-quality home socks or slippers for home. Also, I love these shoes from Aldo, arent they just perfect for work.

Wash Your Hands

As soon as you enter the house, please wash your hands with a good alcohol-based handwash. In general, it’s recommended to wash your hands for at least 20 minutes. While washing your hands and making lather with soap, please be considerate about water and try and close the tap for 20 seconds. Please don’t use fancy handwash only and try to read the ingredients and make sure it is anti-bacterial. I always try and get my Anti Bacterial handwash from Waitrose.

Disinfect Your Clothes

Try and make sure to disinfect your clothes you have worn when you were out. Give them a good wash if possible. If you are wearing jackets or jewelry please disinfect them with Dettol spray which is used in general for face and is not too strong for your clothes.

Disinfect Your Shopping Bags

We don’t realize but so many people touch things which are on display or even not in stores. Jewelry, clothes, and accessories are touched by most of the people when they visit stores. Try and disinfect all your shopping with mild Dettol Spray. Other products like Crisp bags, Chocolates can be disinfected by using a clean cloth along with a mild antibacterial solution. This should be done in general as we tend to go out and use our hands to touch so many different things. For products like vegetables and fruits, we should keep them in warm water and salt for 20 minutes and then place them in the fridge and fruit bowls.
Try and wash everything you can before you store it in your kitchen.

Use Sanitizers

Last but not least just before eating let’s use that bottle of sanitizer again, because we want to be sure. Try and eat anything you want from bowls and not packets. Don’t touch your face again and again during the day and if you do keep washing your hands and using sanitizers. I am Currently buying my sanitizers from Amazon.