Why Dubai is a Destination for Everyone

Dubai the destination which has attracted people from all across the globe. People from young age to old, everyone is attracted to Dubai attractions, from luxury to water parks, from shopping of luxury brands to old spice and gold markets.

There is something for everyone.

Gold Souk Dubai

Gold Souk, found in old Dubai also known as Bur Dubai. It is a must place for all the Gold jewellery lovers. One can get the new designs and customise jewellery according to there preference in no time. There are lot of shops so make sure not to stop at the first one and roam around a bit to get the best prices. To get to the parts of Bur Dubai one can easily take a cab but also a boat service which runs from the other side of the creek and has a ticket of as low as one dirham.

Desert Safari

Aa we know dubai has some crazy and one of a kind attractions, this one is a must try for everyone. A crazy safari ride which few miles away from Dubai and come under Sharjah area. During this desert ride they take you in 4×4 SUV and drive through high sand dunes finally reaching to there destination of a desert camp. One can enjoy the food and festive environment with live belly dance and camel rides. Definitely cannot miss this one.

Burj Khalifa

My visit to Burj was great. Few ministers drive from the hotel and we were in Dubai Mall. Luxury shopping and fine cuisine, I really felt I was back in London but maybe a bit more luxurious one. We then headed to the famous Burj khalifa. There is generally a queue to go to the top but hold on, it’s not a bad one rather they have screens places next to queues for you to check out the history about the Burj. Once you get to the top make sure you click enough pictures. They have there own restaurant and checking out the food will be a good option.

Definitely must visit once.