London Fashion Weekend 2014

21 February, 2014, a day well spent at the famous Somerset House in Aldwych, London, United Kingdom.  It’s London Fashion Weekend, sponsored by Vodafone. A bright sunny day made the event look more amazing, with showcasing Britain’s best designer collection and catwalks.A well organised event giving chance to the visitors, to visit the event with there own budget. From the selection of three different tickets: Bronze, Silver and Gold, people were able to view different part of the event. It had beautiful industry talks by some of the famous brand owners. Maybelline had its own make up section where, the company provided people with free makeup tutorials and giving them free skin advice. Companies like Muiller were providing free yogurts to all the visitors, which definitely acted as an refreshing and motivational agent while going through the massive collection of designers. [Read more…]

When Google Will Penalise Guest Blog Posting?

I know this is an odd question for guest blog posting industry but still I will like to discuss on this.

Guest blogging is on rise like link building in earlier days. Before Google penguin 1.0 there was great work for link building in SEO industry but penguin washed the whole link building Industry (Low Quality Work). After that all SEOs consider guest blogging links to organic will pass good value to your website.

Matt Cutts also endorsed about guest blog posting

“It’s a long and time honored tradition” for writers with expertise in certain topics to share content with each other. In other words, it’s absolutely acceptable.  More

I agree with Matt Cutts sharing your thought in your niche community with the intention to widespread your views is not bad and 100% organic. But what is happening in blogging industry is quite opposite.

Guest blog posts and exchanged, bought ( Links buying) and in multiple theme blog with scrape or re-written content with the intention of getting just one backlinks. Link networks are selling blog post just for $5

I am of the opinion Google will soon find such blog owners are will penalise. So before buying a blog post be careful and rely on organic guest blog posting agency.


SEO and Social Media Together

It was definitely given a thought whether Social Media and Seo Could work together and can act as an successful pair,the answer by all was YES ,it can.The social media and SEO are very two different things but the only thing common between them is the the Content which do act as a glue between the both.To be successful with SEO one need to bug up and write the content according to customer needs.

Start writing the content with stuffing up all the keywords in which the customers will be interested and along with that simultaneously one can build good relations with the audience in social media ,and can engage its content on a bigger platform .To be more effective in the eyes or the mind of the buyers or customers its the social media which will take the popularity upto next level. Content engaging is also done in by writing blogs and the comments which can include links for the content we are trying to promote  back on the social media.
Social Media monitoring tools  can also be used to help you to participate in the communities where discussions are being held related to your targeted  keywords  and topics where one can follow the conversation and put one’s own points.One can only become trusted resource in online community with Participation. Social shares like Tweets, Likes, Google +1’s, etc carry weight in Google’s ranking.

To focus on Social Media ,Few things worth doing are as follows

  • One should add  Google+ buttons to your blog and websites.
  • keyword optimized, original content on Google+.
  • Content which can be  shared, such as a blog post, should be promoted  using social activities
  • Social Media like  Facebook and Twitter should have active social media presence.

Publishing Got Better

Publishing Industry has been recently not known for its own thing rather depending upon the SEO industry.Earlier It was the content ,which was the king and the one with best content was able to engage the audience with its work,but due to SEO most of the content based websites which ruled were ,who manage to engage the crawlers and get traffic to the websites.
But as nothing last forever ,last year panda update and recent update of penguin changed the world of SEO.
As old SEO was able to fool the crawler  with indexing Borderline Junk contents to produce higher rankings.But now the updated SEO will definately put the value of publishers to the next level and will favour those with quality contents and highly engaging audience.There are  two best ways to find yourself at content.First one is the search on the search engines like google or bing.The second step could be either discover or stumble via  a link or get a link from facebook or twitter etc.

London Olympic 2012

Countdown Begins,London all set for its Olympic

The Olympic opening ceremony celebration which is being prepared from last 7 years will be happening within few hours.The ceremony will be for three hours and is supposed to be attended by 80,000 people inside the stadium and viewed by millions all over the world.Guests will include The queen and famous celebrities.Finally the torch will be reaching the stadium along the Thames on royal rowbarge Gloriana and will be lighting up the cauldron for next 16 days .

The main events during the ceremony will also include the ringing of  Europe largest bell ,15000 stages and 12,956 props.

The stadium will also be using million watt PA system,using more then 500 speakers.The final day of torch relay will be completed by the famous basketball player Amber Charles who will carry the flame in front of City Hall and Tower Bridge at approximately 12:45